„Communicating itself abruptly in its extraordinary effect or quality;
excellent, brilliant, magnificent“


Full.minant wines are for the top gastronomy and pleasure culture, the demanding wine trade and the wine freak. I do not want mediocrity, but absolutely outstanding wines of origin from the first to the last bottle.


Without a goal you can not not work perfectly and that is what the 100 barrels represent. The grapes come only from the best of our vineyards. My maximum dedication goes into each plot but time is limited. In the cellar it means constant attention to each barrel. Artificially generating more does not work without sacrificing quality and that is not acceptable to me. So for the whole world, there is a maximum of 100 barriques per vintage – if nature allows.

— 10 barrels – Berlin
— 8 barrels – Mainz
— 6 barrels – Frankfurt
— 6 barrels – Leipzig
— 6 barrels – Gießen
— 5 barrels – Norway
— 4 barrels – Mannheim
— 4 barrels – Bamberg
— 4 barrels – Great Britain
— 4 barrels – Denmark


If you are an importer or interested in the wines, write me!